September 3, 2018

The olive tree is native to the Holy Land  where it has been cultivated since ancient times. According to historians, the first olive groves took root in the Holy Land and along the coast of the eastern Mediterranean around 4,000 B.C.

he olive tree is a slow growing tree which fills during the first 7 years of it's life. It is especially productive thought out her life. Growing to heig

hts ran...

August 15, 2018

The Assumption of Mary into Heaven is, according to the beliefs of the Catholic Church, Eastern and Oriental Orthodoxy, as well as parts of Anglicanism, the bodily taking up of the Virgin Mary into Heaven at the end of her earthly life.

"Finally the Immaculate Virgin, preserved free from all stain of original sin, when the course of her earthly life was finished, was taken up body and soul in...

June 11, 2017

The Bible we receive was put together by religious leaders. Certain books were excluded from the “canon” of Scripture, because they were deemed to lack a certain authority or, as in the case of the Gnostic books, because they contained ways of understanding God that the dominant group found offensive and threatening.

In the Christian era, we receive four different accounts of the life and min...

June 7, 2017

First, there is an impressive variety of different Christian communities. Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic (or Greek) (they are the majority of Christians in the Holy Land), the Latin Catholics (or Roman), Maronites, Armenians, Syrian Orthodox and Catholics, Copts, Ethiopians, Anglicans, Lutherans and various evangelical groups.

Secondly, there is diversity in terms of the origin of the Christ...

April 20, 2017

It was decided that in Thursday for April 23 of this year 2015 and at seventh and quarter ( 19:15 PM ), are you gonna beat all church bells Armenian in all over The world of bright her to, 100 Again, by the way the memory of a percentage of genocide Armenian perpetrated by the Ottoman Turks The Kristallnachts beginning of the past century, which I have life and a half million multisensor Arm...

April 5, 2017

Baptism, Holy Water

January 1, 2017

The Olive Tree is a subtropical, broad-leaved, evergreen tree, which has edible fruit. The tree ranges in height from 3 to 8 meters or more, and has numerous branches. Its leaves, leathery and lance-shaped are dark green and are paired opposite each other on the twig. In October, the trees are pruned and the wood is sold to us and other craftsmen who create priceless pieces of art. There in...

December 22, 2016

Jesus Christ's house in Nazareth (Holy Land) possibly found by British archaeologist
Sean Martin By Sean Martin

Could this once have been the home of Jesus Christ?

A house in Nazareth which dates back to the first century could have been the home of a young Jesus Christ, a British archaeologist has stated.
Dr Ken Dark has been investigating the ruins, which could be where the Son of God was...

November 18, 2016

What is Sin?

Sin is selfishness. Sin is doing what you want to do without regard to how it will affect other people. Sin is doing what is wrong, especially when you know in your heart it is not the right thing to do. Sin is the opposite of love – sin focuses only on yourself and not on the needs of anyone else. When you sin, you are living independent of God's Love. Sin is separation from God...

September 10, 2016

O God Almighty, who suffered death upon the cross, particularly for my sins, be with me. 
Holy Cross of Jesus, have pity on me.
Holy Cross of Jesus, be my protector.
Holy Cross of Jesus, take away all bitter pains.
Holy Cross of Jesus, take away all evil.
Holy Cross of Jesus, let me walk in the way of salvation. 
Preserve me from any temporal accidents, take away any danger of sudd...

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