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Prayer Found Under Christ's Sepulchre 1503 Ad - Holy Land

O God Almighty, who suffered death upon the cross, particularly for my sins, be with me. Holy Cross of Jesus, have pity on me. Holy Cross of Jesus, be my protector. Holy Cross of Jesus, take away all bitter pains. Holy Cross of Jesus, take away all evil. Holy Cross of Jesus, let me walk in the way of salvation. Preserve me from any temporal accidents, take away any danger of sudden death. I always adore the Holy Cross of Jesus Christ: Jesus of Nazareth crucified, have pity on me; make the spirit of evil leave me for all times. O Mother of Perpetual Succour. I come before Thy Sacred picture and with a child-like conscience invoke thine aid. Show Thyself a Mother tO me now. Have pity of me. O, dearest Mother of Perpetual Succour, for the love Thou bearest to Jesus and in honour of His Sacred Wounds, help me in this my necessity.. Mention your intentions here... O Loving Mother, I leave all to thee in the Name of the Father. I leave all to thee in the Name of the Son. I leave all to thee in the Name of the Holy Spirit. Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, pray for us. Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, pray for us. Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, pray for us. Amen.

The History of the Cross:

The most iconic symbol in all of humanity; the Cross. However, since its invention, it was the tool of great suffering and captial punishment for those who championed it. Introduced by the Romans, in the beginning was used against those who could not prove they were not Roman citizens but later was to be used against theives and other

malefactors. "The punishment of the cross remained in force throughout the Roman Empire until the first half of the fourth century. In the early part of his reign Constantine continued to inflict the penalty of the cross (affigere patibulo) on slaves guilty of delatio domini, i.e. of denouncing their masters (Cod. Th. ad leg. Jul. magist.).

Later on he abolished this infamous punishment, in memory and in honour of the Passion of Jesus Christ (Eusebius, Church History I.8; Schol. Juvenal., XIV, 78; Niceph., VII,

46; Cassiod., "Hist. Trip.", I, 9; Codex Theod., IX, 5, 18)." - Catholic Encyclopedia.

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