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Nakhleh Authentic Black Coffee with Cardamom

Nakhleh Authentic Black Coffee with Cardamom


Authentic El Nachle Nakhleh Roasted and ground Black Coffee with Cardamom
* Was crowned Number One Arab Coffee in Israel
* Cardamom helps digestion and prevents bad breath


Arabic coffee is very popular in the Holy Land, where coffee is consumed on a daily basis in homes and even during special occasions and feasts, coffee is served to guests.
Christians in the Holy Land also have a daily consumption of coffee and even serve it during Christmas and Easter celebrations after a mass in the church.

Coffee making instructions

Add water to the coffee kettle
Wait 3-4 minutes for the water to boil
Then add three coffee spoons and stir them well until the coffee comes to a boil.
Look 2-3 minutes after you finish making coffee and then you can drink it

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