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Tradisional Holy Land Censer+ FREE BAPTISM GIFT

Tradisional Holy Land Censer+ FREE BAPTISM GIFT

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Significance of Incense in Scriptures.
Malachi. 1:11. “…and in every place incense is going to be offered to My name”

Numbers 16:46-50. “And Moses said to Aaron, Take your censer, and put fire therein from off the altar, and lay incense on it, and carry it quickly to the congregation and make atonement for them. Here offering of the incense is to get rid off the plage. It also removes the foul smell of sin”.

Ps. 141:2. “Let my prayer be counted as incense.”

Heb. 9:4. “Having the golden altar of incense.”

Rev. 5:8. “golden bowls full of incense which are the prayers of the saints.”

The worship of the Church is a heavenly worship and hence fragrant incense is used.

Mt. 2:11. ” They offered him gifts, gold and frankincense and myrrh”.

Ex. 35:8, 15. “Spices for the anointing oil and for the fragrant incense � this altar of incense”.

Proverbs. 27:9ff. “Oil and perfume make the heart glad”.
  • Details

    Censer Tall: 15cm / 5.9"

    Proper use:
    Light charcoal
    Placed in censer
    Add the Incense by use

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