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Christians in the Holy land Biion Christmas tree everywhere

Christians in the Holy land Biion Christmas tree everywhere

Holiday Christmas Eve more than a smile on people's faces and joy in their hearts. The same applies to the Christians in the Holy land, although few in number compared to the population of Jews and Muslims, but the great joy in their hearts and prove the biggest Christmas tree lighting in all mixed cities.

While the Christians in Holy Land live primarily in mixed towns and cities - Nazareth, Haifa and Jerusalem - special status is enjoyed by local authorities that are Christian or have a Christian nature. Today there are seven such local authorities: Iblin, Gush Halav, Kfar Yasif, Ma'aliya, Ailabun, Fassuta and Rama.

Ma'aliya and Fassuta are the only two local authorities (not only in Israel but in the entire Middle East) in which the population is homogeneously Christian. While in the other towns the percentage of Christians is declining each year due to the low natural increase, these two local authorities have succeeded in maintaining their unique character and constitute a sort of cultural sanctuary for Christians from all over the country.


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