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Holy Water

When believers enter the church, we see them put their finger in the holy water and then draw the sign of the cross, to remember their baptism and promises, which includes giving up sin and the devil disbelief. But are there other meanings of the holy water? We will review together the published site in an attempt to understand some of the "traditions" that may be we do automatically.

Said St. Theresa of Avila: "According to my experience, I have learned that nothing is comparable to the holy water to ward off demons and prevent it from coming back. Although they run away from the Cross, but they come back again. So, it is imperative that the holy waters of a great power. For me, When I touch this water, I feel a power is unparalleled. " This statement confirms to us once again the importance of water blessed by the Lord through the Baptism of Christ. In terms of the Catholic Church, it possesses great power to grant graces in the sacraments, and the use of holy water derives its strength through prayer and the power of the church. From here, the prayer that followed the priest to sanctify the water division of prayers to ward off demons and heal the sick and provide their blessings. However, we draw the holy water sign of the cross without thinking about what we do and without assessing its sanctity. In order to prevent this we have done, we have to remember how we use it to glorify the Lord in our lives.

There are 8 ways to use holy water in our daily lives, begins the first of the blessing of ourselves. But we should not limit ourselves by this Sunday only, because we need the graces and blessings each day of the week. From here, the development of small font of holy water near the door of the house is very important, because it bless the family as visitors, especially before going out of the house.

Secondly, as our house is a mini church, which is in need of spiritual protection, we blessed? We can publish our own holy water all over the house, or request the presence of a priest.

Third, within the framework of the blessing of the family, we use holy water to pray and draw a sign of the cross over partner and boys before go to sleep. In this way, we strengthen the link between the family members and with the Lord. Let us keep a bottle of holy water near our family for this purpose!

Fourthly, flaunted the blessing of the place in which we work, and the Bulletin holy water, not only for spiritual protection in the workplace, but to sanctify our daily work for the glory of the Lord.

Fifth, let's not forget our cars. Perhaps the most dangerous place car and go where considerable time. Never underestimate the importance of holy water sprayed in the car, they are away from you harm if used with faith and full confidence in the Lord.

Sixth, Garden Bless! This habit was common in the Middle Ages, people had their crops and Vegetables sprinkle holy water, since they were dependent on plants to live. And the use of holy water to sanctify plants and Bless was showing people reliance on divine grace

Seventh, holy water and bless the sick, this is a work of mercy. If you visit the sick in the hospital, bless the surrounding place and leave the holy water bottle proximity when needed.

Finally, bless pet, animals accompany individuals and families, which often help them. Can holy water blessing because all creatures glorify God. In the same context, this can apply to cattle and farm animals that provide us with food.

In the end, ask the obvious question: What can we say when we use holy water? Always let us know that the holy water has been blessed through the prayers of the priest, but we can recite simple prayers through the water spray in order to determine the intention to use them, and to express our faith in a spiritual force. As we recite the Our Father prayer, or a prayer to St. Michael. Do not forget that you can all blessing, because the holy water spiritual weapon of God.


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