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Vivian Bishara-An Arab Singer From The Holy Land Released The Arabic Version Of "Silent Night&

Vivian Bishara, a Christan Arab singer who lives in Haifa-Holy land.

She sings composes and writes her own songs.She is a multi cultural person .She performs in three lanuages:Arabic,English and French. Vivian grew up in an artist family, therefore she was exposed to music at an early age, and she always had the dream to be on stage under thespotlights.

The turning point in her life was in the year 2004 when she sang on a famous popular T.V talent show "Starmaker", Samaana Soutak"("Starmaker",let us hear your voice) in Egypt, which is similar to the American Idol and she received the "Best Voice" award from the jury. Lately Vivian released a Christmas carol called “Ayad Al Leil” ,the Arabic version of “Silent Night”.

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